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A good friend of mine likes to harp on about the astronomical levels of myth. He tends to sound very absolute about it, and almost like that is the only significance to myth, although he does know better than that.

Like many others I found his assertions quite annoying. I tried desperately to think of a mythological motif that was _absolutely_ not connected with the sky. The first two I thought of in this attempt - tree and cauldron - are very much connected with the sky. I'm stubborn though so I fought it for a couple of years.

When I finally accepted it, it seemed so obvious. There are quite explicit references nearly everywhere. Certainly all through occult literature, folklore, myth, and popular culture.

Astronomy is certainly _not_ the only important level to myth or culture. Real myths and symbols are multi-layered. They work on many levels simultaneously, each adds to the depth, beauty, and meaning. Astronomy is one of the currently most misunderstood and denigrated levels.

Many people don't notice or think it's 'just astrology'. Many never look at the night sky, or think about the motions of the celestial bodies. Someone told me she didn't see how pre-telescope people ever picked out the planets from the stars!

In these pages I try the opposite tactic of my friend. I try to show just enough of how obvious this is, and how pervasive, to pique interest. I hope that anyone who gets it, will go on to research further on their own.

This is deliberately not a 'scholarly' work. I don't want to give footnotes for every assertion. Much of what I mention can either be observed directly or discovered logically. I point you to references in which you can find the rest, along with much more detailed information than I have included here.

Happy exploring!

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